Friday, 11 March 2011

Fun stuff for Friday!

So much going on this week that its not till today that I've been able to find space on the blog for Dilly's updated footage - a really nice improvement in her, in a little over 2 weeks - she is a motivated girl despite being 18 yrs old :-)

Dilly from Nic Barker on Vimeo.

There is also news on Kingsley, who went home at the weekend, plus lots of photos of his new home on Wiola's blog:  - which includes footage of the boy himself with funky music :-)
Wiola and Felix
You can also read her take on her first days' hunting in England, which she had on Felix on Saturday (again with pics!):  - she was kind enough to say Felix was "the best horse I have ever taken over some serious terrain" :-)

Pauline on Angel
And more news on real "old boys" - Bailey W is going great guns - this is what Lainey has put up on Facebook:
"went for a 3 hour hack today!!!!!!!!! endurance is not for Bailey fresh as a daisy"

"Best 15 minute schooling session my Bailey boy, he tried his heart out for me, we are both sooooooo rusty! fantastic canter off the corner and across the diagonal, i really need to learn to sit his canter, rock on the 26th first dressage comp in 2 years....can't wait"

and also on Facebook, Lucie has put some lovely photos of her and Solomon out and about on her album:

"I love my pony ♥ 2 and a half hours out in the sun with lots of galloping. Go Soli, never thought he'd be out doing that again!!"

When I emailed to ask whether she minded me putting the comment up here, she emailed me back :-)

"Soli is doing fantastically, he has exceeded all my expectations and
is loving life again :) he is a different horse to be around, so much
more relaxed and seemingly content with life at the mo :) he is easier
to handle and so forward to ride- I don't think the livery I went out
with the other day was expecting to go the speed we did ;) !!"

Brilliant!  Happy Friday, everyone :-)

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