Thursday, 10 March 2011

Patsy's comparison footage

Hannah came to visit Patsy at the weekend as well, and we took the opportunity to take some comparative footage of her.  Here is the footage Hannah took just before she came down (her right rein was obviously the worst rein):

Trot right 16/01/11 from HannahC on Vimeo.

Trot Left 16/01/11 from HannahC on Vimeo.

For comparison, here is her footage from Sunday.

Patsy on a circle from Nic Barker on Vimeo.

She has improved on the right rein but the left rein (which is her most compromised limb in terms of conformation and twist) is weaker - the still shot of her on the left rein in January is a dead giveaway - you can see that even on the left rein, the right foot is taking more than its fair share of weight.

However, she is no longer twisting to the outside to keep the weight off the inside leg and now its a question of her growing more supportive hooves which should enable her to become stronger and more balanced on both reins.

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