Monday, 7 March 2011

New girl, new boy...!

Its been an incredibly busy weekend, with Kingsley and Ginger both safely home, and Lucy and Zan arriving, plus a meet at Rockley and yet more gorgeous weather...I've got stacks of photos and footage of the old and new arrivals to sort through and upload, but for now here are some fun pics of the new guys, and Patsy - now promoted to senior rehab horse and House Prefect - showing them the ropes!

"Hey look, we've got no shoes!... what shall we do now?"

The only criteria for Project Dexter is that you have to be good-looking... :-)


jenj said...

And here *I* thought the criteria for Project Dexter was that you had to have a FABULOUS tail. Every time I look at the horses at Rockley, I get jealous!

Nic Barker said...

:-) And oh the joy of continually brushing them out(!) :-0