Monday, 7 February 2011

Rehab update - Ginger

Here are Ginger's photos showing the changes since he arrived on day 1.  In some respects not as radical as I would like, but the improved harmony and better caudal strength of the hoof over 2 months is undeniable. 

The lines are drawn between the widest point of the frog, heel buttresses and widest point of the hoof.  

Fascinating how much better the same foot looks from the front as well...from wonky (technical term) with a big crack to fairly straight, with the crack growing out :-)  Solar and cranial views in perfect harmony!
LF day one (above) and today (below) 
With the RF, the picture is the same - a heel migrating back to be more supportive, a frog broadening and  a hoof capsule opening out and stabilising (the same points of reference are shown as the LF above)
RF on day one
RF after 2 months


smazourek said...

Wow, that is some heel contraction. Do you do any soaking or thrush treatment to go along with the trims to help the heels widen?

Nic Barker said...

I do if there is infection, and you certainly need to get on top of thrush if there is any, but otherwise I find movement is the key.