Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Kingsley's new footage

Kingsley's comparison footage is now up, with apologies for the delay due to me over-feeding Vimeo(!):

Kingsley comparison from Nic Barker on Vimeo.

Kingsley is interesting, frustrating, endearing and educational almost in equal measure - you could write a book on him alone, and few horses more eloquently demonstrate that you can't look at feet  - or backs - in isolation.

There are still big changes happening in his feet, especially his RF, which is of course the rein he struggles on when on a circle, and its still far from being in the right place for him, though I think he is getting there.

I (along with Wiola and Pauline!) am hoping for big things from this little horse once he has a whole new hoof capsule - he has the attitude, the athleticism and the guts - keep everything crossed for him...

ETA: Wiola's comments on the footage and some very interesting still shots are up on her blog here:


Han said...

I have been watching Kingsley from day 1 and it's amazing to see such a massive improvement in such a short space of time!!
I find Kingsley fascinating and always wonder if his other problems were caused by his feet - suppose it's chicken or the egg situation! (I wonder the same about Patsy too with her kissing spine, etc)
I will keep everything crossed for him!
Han x

Nic Barker said...

There are nearly always interlinked effects between lameness and back/neck problems and its often hard to work out which came first...

The fact that most horses that come here improve dramatically once the caudal hoof is nerve-blocked does seem to suggest that the feet are a primary problem, but I don't think anyone really knows.