Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Barefoot performance? Proper job!

I took my new camera out and used it as a headcam and I am really pleased with the video quality.  Its not as good as my camcorder but then you can't put a camcorder on your hat ;-)

I've been wanting to find something that could cope with speed but still give reasonable definition and I think I've found it.

So here is some Exmoor hunting footage to get you in the mood, starring some of our gorgeous hounds and with Bailey, Jacko, Charlie, Felix and Angel rock-crunching in glorious technicolour.  Proper job!

Between them, these horses have done 24 seasons  - including the present one - hunting barefoot across the moor and have covered thousands and thousands of miles, all without shoes :-)

They amaze me every time they are out and its hard to believe that all except Felix used to suffer from long term soundness problems (including navicular syndrome, ligament and tendon damage and cracks).   They are tough cookies  - I'm just hoping that with this post I haven't jinxed them for the rest of the season...we've still got two and a half months to go :-)

Rockley horses hunting on Exmoor from Nic Barker on Vimeo.

Best watched in full screen via a good broadband link!


jenj said...

Oh my. Your beautiful video makes me miss hunting so much! It looks like you had a lovely time though and the horses look just perfect!

Which helmet cam do you use? I've thought about getting one but would like to hear about your recommendations, since they are a bit pricey.

SallymetHarryHorse said...

fab video and post! really makes me feel like i'm going along for the day too!

Nic Barker said...

Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed it - we were having a ball :-)

Jen, I just use my regular camera and have a handy headstrap which it sits inside. Its only a little panasonic camera so you hardly know its there, although someone did tell me it looked like a miners hat!

smazourek said...

That looks like so much fun! I'm impressed that you were able to take your light saber along after the 3:30 mark too.

(I know it's just a trick of the light but I'm enjoying the image you all hunting with light sabers)