Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The "transition" myth continued...

Jane T and her gang have been down on Exmoor for a week or so, though unfortunately we haven't managed to meet up this time. I caught up on her blog yesterday though, and am pinching this great quote from her :-)

...an amazing week for a Hairy horse that has never "transitioned" to stones - mwahahah. How I hate that word - proof is in the pudding - get the shoes off, and the diet and environment right and they don't NEED "transitioning" to specific surfaces as long as you listen to the horse and don't go mad. He's been out of shoes a year, after being in them for 10, he's never seen a stone track since they came off, and his owner reported that he struggled on Exmoor when she brought him down when shod. Yet this week, he never batted an eyelid over the worst stone tracks.

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