Monday, 7 September 2009

Angel's horizons expand...

Angel had a new experience on Saturday.

He came in, ate his breakfast and had a snooze - nothing new about that, thought Angel.

Then a lorry pulled up next to his box. First some new horses came out, then masses of puppy dogs.

Here is a picture of Angel looking at them :-)

Then more new horses came into the yard, followed by quad bikes and 4x4s. How strange.

All the other Rockley horses seemed to know what was happening but Angel didn't. However, he thought it was very interesting, and watched everything intently.

After a while, he went out with his girlfriend, Bailey, and they saw that all the other horses and the puppy dogs were out there in the sunshine. The puppy dogs went round and round and said "Wooooa-wooa-wooooa" a lot. There is a picture of Angel standing next to Bailey here.

Angel walked round the fields with Bailey, and managed to avoid the cows, which began to gallop about. Luckily they stopped because Bailey was in the way. Bailey is brave with cows. Angel is not.

After a while, Angel went home and ate haylage, and thought about what a fascinating morning it had been.

To be continued in episode 2

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