Friday, 11 September 2009

Hector's pictures

As a follow on from yesterday, here are the photos of Hector's back when he first arrived, in July 2008, in the top photo. You can see that his right hind quarter was atrophied, and that over a period of 3 months the muscle strengthened and rebuilt, as the lower photo taken in October 2008 shows.

Although the muscle had not deteriorated as badly over the summer, it must have been enough to weaken it internally, even though there was no visible atrophy.

At the top are the thermography scans, and you can see that the knees and feet are in perfect shape :-) and that the real problem is the muscle tension is in his right hindquarter. I suspect that the area of heat was more severe a few weeks ago, as his soundness is so hugely improved since he came back into work. He has always had a weak semitendinous muscle there, and thats obviously the Achilles heel we need to keep an eye on in future.


kellywelly said...

that is amazing!!

Nic Barker said...

Isn't it?! So easy, as well - cool kit :-)

cptrayes said...

fascinating! Why don't vets use it routinely???