Wednesday, 9 September 2009


....a fascinating afternoon yesterday with Hans Arendse, one of the UKNHCP instructors from the Netherlands, who is staying here en route to our conference at the weekend. He has been working a lot with vets using a thermographic camera, and its proved to be a fantastically useful diagnostic tool.

I'll post more, and some images, next week, but Hans demonstrated on a couple of the horses here yesterday, and the level of information you get is remarkable, especially when you ally it with your own background knowledge of the horse, its way of going, and any past problems - it provides a brilliantly clear way to confirm or rule out trouble-spots.

From what I've seen, it beats X-rays hands down, so much quicker, and of course you can look at the whole horse within a matter of minutes, with no need for sedation and none of the massive drawbacks of expense and stress associated with MRI or scintigraphy.

A real eye-opener! More on that later, and for those of you who are coming to the conference, you'll find Hans' presentation very worthwhile.

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