Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Latest news from Project Dexter!

Had some wonderful news from Kelly and Dexter over the weekend, plus this lovely photo of them looking the business.

They came second in their one day event and finished on their dressage score!

Congratulations to them both - its so lovely to see Dex jumping cross-country - he is a real pro - Kelly doesn't do badly either ;-)


sarahh said...

Well done Kelly & Dexter, looking like a pair of pro's!

cptrayes said...

I think they should have had him put down, don't you???? :-))))


kellywelly said...

Hee hee......Just saw this post!!

Hard to think a year and a half ago a vet came down and said he had a 5% chance of recovering but even then he would probably just be a hack!! He looks amazing!