Monday 9 July 2018

Changes, step by step

Three horses who arrived at the end of June are due their first fortnight updates. Normally I give them a day each but as we filmed them all together yesterday I thought it might be interesting to put them together in a post as well.

I've taken stills from their updated footage (links to all the footage are listed at the end) which compare landings from their first day to 2 weeks later.

Beau was landing flat when she arrived and has improved to a slight but definite heel first landing on both fronts. 

Flynn was landing laterally on the left front and flat on both front feet. He has also improved to a slight heel first landing; although we did not film him from in front this time he looks to be landing more levelly as well. 

However the biggest surprise has been Ozzy who has gone from toe first in shoes to confidently heel first. This is not only impressive but rapid. He has much flatter feet than the other 2, though, and still finds tough surfaces more difficult so he has a long way to go but its very encouraging.

Good work team! Now to build on those landings and really grow better feet...

Links to the full footage are here and I will post their photos later this week.

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