Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Further footnotes...Flynn's (nearly) 4 week update

On the footage I took last week Flynn's landing had improved though not as dramatically as Ozzy's. However, he has a much more concave foot and is comparatively more competent on tough surfaces, so its swings and roundabouts. 
The changes in his palmar hoof are not as clear as Ozzy's, simply because he has not yet got such a good landing, but he is engaging the back of his foot and I would expect his feet to strengthen a lot more over the next few weeks. 
For now he is less under-run and is building better heels which is a good start. I would like to see his feet develop better balance, as he is landing laterally at the moment, so thats a focus for the next update. 

 As you can see, he is becoming a little more balanced but there is more to do.

Not a huge change from this angle  - I would expect to see a change in the angle of the dorsal wall in due course but its often not visible at such an early stage.

A more business-like and balanced foot, with stronger heels and we'd hope for a lot more the same now that he is landing more confidently.
Flynn is also landing laterally on this foot and again we want to see better medio-lateral balance which will allow him to load his heels more evenly. More on Flynn soon!

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