Monday, 23 July 2018

Belatedly, Beau's update

Beau should have had her update last week but Cassie took her spot, but belatedly here we are.  
The most dramatic changes for Beau are that she is less under-run and her hairline, instead of diving down to the floor, is now more level - sign of a palmar hoof that is building up. She also has a new angle of growth visible right at the top of the dorsal wall - this will be easier to see in another couple of weeks.  
You can see that the heels are slowly moving back. I'd like to see her frog develop further but its fairly early days in terms of the amount of work she is doing so that can follow. 

Better frog and digital cushion strength but still lots to work on!

The new dorsal wall angle is already clear on this foot in the lower photo (there is 4 weeks between the original, upper photo and the lower one from a couple of days ago).

More supportive heels on this foot too, along with the beginnings of a more concave foot. 

A good start from Beau, with more to follow over the next few weeks I hope. 

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