Friday, 29 June 2018

Ozzy's feet - the only arrival in shoes

These feet belong to Ozzy, the last of our new arrivals for this week. What is very interesting from these photos is how dramatic the different is between his left foot and right foot when you look at the heels. This foot is collapsed and under-run whereas his left foot is less so.
However when his lameness was diagnosed he was worse on the left than the right, so this may be a recent compensation. On MRI he was shown to have navicular bone and related damage, DDFT and collateral ligament damage bilaterally.
 The medio-lateral imbalance on this foot is quite clear from this angle and in fact on video he is landing laterally on both front feet but much worse on this foot.
On video he is landing better on this foot  - he has a fractional heel first landing whereas the other foot is toe first and his medio-lateral balance is better as well.
Again, if you compare the photos, this foot looks more balanced - its dangerous to extrapolate too much from photos alone but in this case they confirm  what we see on video.

Ozzy's footage is here and there will of course be updates on him and the other horses over the next few weeks:

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