Wednesday, 27 June 2018

New horses arriving - Beau's feet

We had a changeover at the weekend with horses going home and new horses arriving and I've a lot of updates to post but I'm going to start with photos of the new horses. 
These feet belong to Beau - confusingly a mare - who is a dressage horse from Cornwall.  On MRI she has been diagnosed with inflammation of the collateral ligaments of the coffin joint, medial on the RF and lateral on the LF.
Her lameness is worse on the left rein on a circle and although both feet are somewhat under-run and have a relatively weak palmar hoof the left foot appears slightly worse.
On video she is landing flat and slightly laterally (as you would expect) on the LF but its not an extreme landing which makes me hopeful that she will improve quite quickly. 
 As ever, I will post updates on Beau within the next few weeks.

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