Tuesday, 11 September 2012

It really can work!

I received an email yesterday that is still making me smile and I am going to post it here for anyone who is in the same boat. The sender is far too modest and glosses over her own (I have no doubt) extensive hard work, research and (if she is anything like the rest of us) sleepless nights but what she says is spot on:
"Dear Nic
I emailed you a few months ago requesting some advice for getting a good trimmer as I (now embarrassingly) said that I understood that trimming was the most important part of going barefoot.

You could have been forgiven in telling me what a twit I was and that I was missing the point in regards to what is vital for successful transition .. however you were very tactful and pointed out that trimming was the least of my worries and pointed me in the direction of diet and exercise planning.

I realised my mistake and promptly researched barefoot more thoroughly on your blog and bought your book which I have now read three times...

I am 4mths into barefoot ... my horse was actually immediately amazing on all surfaces but grew very strange feet shapes for about 2mths but now they look amazing and she has a frog and digital cushion to die for

My daughters pony had a slightly harder time but I worked hard in regards to feed and careful excercise and now she is also fantastic but I cannot take liberties with her as perhaps is possible with my horse... she has also grown front feet that look from the front pidgeon toed if you will but she has never moved so well so it clearly is the shape she needs

Thank you for your tact which spurred me on and your wonderful book as a reference manual and your blogs which just continue to encourage.

Many thanks Em
ps neither has seen a trimmer once..."

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