Sunday, 9 September 2012

A grand day out with Big Barefoot Bryan

I had a lovely day yesterday with former rehab Bryan and Charlotte at Hickstead. Bryan is still getting used to jumping on grass without studs but he is on great form and is looking a million dollars.
He has put on lots of muscle and is looking incredibly well and is clearly enjoying being back jumping again. 
In fact, Bryan actually moved better and looked sounder than the majority of horses I saw there and it was great to see what a happy partnership he and Charlotte are. 
I was also fortunate to have been loaned for the day a super-duper Nikon camera with an incredible lens, hence the better than normal photos :-) Thanks to Ted for the loan but now I am completely spoilt, of course!
Its days like this that rehab is all about!


M's mum said...

What a fab day out, and sunny too!!! Bryan looks amazing. Well done everybody involved, what a success story (and a poke in the eye for the doubters ;0) )

jenj said...

Bryan looks spectacular! What an awesome comeback he's had, thanks to his new feet!

cptrayes said...

It's Christmas soon Andy


Nic Barker said...

Chance'd be a fine thing, C ! A girl can dream, I suppose :-)