Thursday, 13 September 2012

Baloo and bending

Baloo has been here nearly 6 weeks and its time to assess how his hooves are doing. On arrival his RF (which he was lamest on) was boxy and contracted.
Today the same foot is less upright and is beginning to move into a more normal position. The toe angle is better, as is the hairline which no longer bulges so badly at the quarters and is levelling out.
Although the hoof still looks under-run when you look at the sole you can see that the frog and heels are in fact improving. As always, its important to check what you are seeing from different angles. 
On day one you can see that his hoof was bending and contracting on the lateral side (this time to the right of the photo) and the frog was distorting too. If you were to draw a line down the middle of the frog, which hoof is loading more evenly?
Heading in a healthier direction!
Baloo's hoof is still skewed but compare the difference over 6 weeks in the hoof wall on both sides: instead of being bowed on the lateral (left hand) side and collapsing on the medial (right hand) side its straightening and the whole hoof capsule is becoming a more normal shape and less contracted. 

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Martine said...

The change in the solar view is astonishing. Only six weeks!