Thursday, 27 September 2012

He has a name!

Quick blog today but will do a proper one tomorrow as M is going home and a new horse, Thomas, is arriving so there will be lots of pics to upload. Today is even busier than usual as Grant Chanter, the equine dentist, is doing his rounds. 
The new boy spent the first few minutes while his mum was being done flat out and fast asleep (despite it being his first time in the barn and despite the fact that uncles Charlie and Felix were desperate to chat to him). But eventually it was all just too interesting to ignore and he had to get involved.

Andy has decided to call him Bryher - which is the name of one of the most stunning of the Scilly Isles, where we had a fab holiday - but I am keeping your suggestions in mind for any future foals ;-)

1 comment:

jenj said...

Ooooh he is a cute little booger - and look at that nice rump on him!

What color do you think he will turn out?