Friday, 6 January 2012

Yesterday 6 weeks, today 7 weeks...

Today's rehab update focusses on Mr Knightley - he likes a decent kip as much as the next horse but luckily this hasn't stopped him improving his hooves. 
Mr Knightley has been here for 7 weeks, so he is a week ahead of Ted, whom I blogged about yesterday.  
Mr Knightley had been unshod for a long time before he arrived but, as you guys already know, although that can often be a step forward it doesn't guarantee healthy hooves.  Mr K came from a dry, hot environment but as his owner had spotted, he had quite a bad central sulcus infection in 3 out of 4 feet as well as poor hoof balance which had led to hind limb problems as well as front limb problems. 
Knightley's frogs still aren't perfect but his hooves are in much better proportion than they were when he arrived and have healthier soles as well. 
Knightley's hooves from the side give a clue as to how much his feet are changing.  The top photo shows him on the day he arrived and the lower photo is the same hoof today - a clear angle change and rapid growth over the last few weeks. 
Of course, not all of the hoof growth has happened over the last 7 weeks but its great to see his hooves rapidly strengthening. 
These photos give the clearest indications of why barefoot isn't the whole story.  Out of shoes on day 1 - above - Knightley still had high heels and a weak frog which wasn't strong enough to allow for a heel first landing.  You can also see the central sulcus split, or sheared heel.   
After 7 weeks, the hoof wall is lower, the frog and caudal hoof is much stronger and he is definitely getting there, even though he has a way to go.   

More updates to follow!

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