Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Useful things: really, truly waterproof jods!

Admittedly these are unlikely to be useful for those of you who do your riding in Texas, Essex, Suffolk, Kent etc but for those of us in less blessed climates, these are the business. 
Andy gave me  a pair of cream ones for Christmas and I've tried them out in some truly disgusting weather out hunting and they do absolutely what it says on the tin.  They are quite warm anyway but if you stick a pair of thermal leggings underneath then you have serious comfort and insulation :-)

I've come across so-called waterproof jods before but no others have actually done what they promised so I've always relied on overtrousers instead but these look much better and are much more comfortable.

They are manufactured by Townend and are made of softshell - full details here for the ladies' version:
and here for the men's:

They aren't cheap but if you spend a lot of time riding horses in the rain then I highly recommend them.  Obviously you have to be a bit careful washing them - the label says you can use detergent but I don't trust that so I use Nikwax TechWash, which doesn't destroy the waterproofing.

I've now thown caution to the winds and bought myself a black pair for everyday.  I got mine from this place, who were delightful to deal with and had one of the best prices at the time:

The only thing to beware of, if you are buying online, is that the legs are cut very narrow and the material isn't terribly elastic so unless you have very skinny legs you will need to buy a size bigger than normal, particularly if you want to wear thermals underneath.   Alternatively, of course, just don't ride in terrible weather...(!)


Media Wurzel said...

I don't believe I can respond to this email! I own the men's version. I got mine at: where they were £75 or thereabouts. But unlike the women's they were obviously designed for Mr. Townend himself. In the photo of him wearing them they are snug. But on my scrawny legs they are actually quite loose (I can hear sighs of relief all over the country). I can also confirm (in case you don't believe Nic!) that they are warm and waterproof!

Nic Barker said...

ROFL! You can be his body double Matt, for sure - after all I've watched all 3 National Geographic clips of you as a wasp, beaver and hummingbird ;-)

Brilliant to know, as Andy wants a pair now :-)

jenj said...

Gee, it's a good thing it never rains here and is never cold, or I'd need a pair of those...

Eh. I'll just ride in my ski pants. ;)

Unknown said...

I got a fleece lined softshell breeches too but bought in Poland from a company called Parkur.
Fully waterproof, superbly warm and super comfy :)
Definitely agree that the material is the winner for any rainforest conditions ;)

cptrayes said...

Wow, that's interesting! Mary Lou (Tetley) bought me Kerrits Sit Tight and Warm for christmas and they are showerproof, but more stretchy than yours sound. Also available in hunting colours - in the US called hunting tan, and from Threelows in the UK called beige, which is what they are.

For people who need more stretch, don't buy the full seat, buy the knee patch ones, the seat is stretchy but not very.

I quite fancey full waterproof though, just off to research.


Heila said...

shudder So glad I don't need waterproof jods!

On a related note though, how do you treat your leather tack when it gets soaked?

Nic Barker said...

LOL, Heila :-) For the tack I really like Effax leather cream - its fantastic for soaked tack and both cleans and conditions in one go - no crispy reins afterwards!