Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Solar, Nico and the new forum lives!

We spent some time this weekend updating the footage on Solar and Nico so this post is all about their progress.
Solar goes first.  He has been here slightly longer than Nico and has also been out of shoes for much longer so is understandably further ahead than his mate, though I am pleased with them both.

Solar has made some dramatic changes, most importantly to his RF which he pointed continuously when he first arrived.  Now he stands and - even better - lands properly, as you can see from the footage.

Nico started with more disadvantages than Solar - major hind limb problems as well as front limb issues, and a weaker digital cushion - so his currently weaker landing should definitely not be held against him, nor taken as a measure of how he may improve in the future :-)

At the moment his hind limb placement are much better and he is just about landing heel first in front though with less confidence than Solar.

Meanwhile, thanks to everyone who has joined the RR forum  - its alive and you can put whatever you want on there - no holds barred :-)  Rehab owners are some of the nicest people on the planet so it should be a good place!

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