Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Over a thousand miles...

Its only the first week of January, but on Exmoor we're more than halfway through our hunting season and - incredibly (especially as I have been busier than ever and not able to get out as often as I would like) - our own 4 horses have already covered more than 1,000 hunting miles barefoot this season.
As usual, Felix and Charlie lead the way - both have more than 300 miles under their hooves and together they have clocked up more than 700 miles so far.  They should, with luck, and if their other seasons are any guide, have many more miles to go.
Bailey and Dexter don't get out as frequently but have nevertheless done well, especially as Dex is only in his first season and Exmoor is a tough test for any horse.
For me, their mileage is even more impressive because for the last couple of months the whole of Exmoor has been saturated.  We get a lot of rain at the best of times but this winter is something else - even farmers who have been here for decades are saying they haven't seen it as wet.
For the horses, who are already dealing with steep hills and sharp descents, this means that every mile is even harder work, through deep, slippery ground which is a drag on muscles and tendons.  Here's to some drier ground in the next few weeks...!


Pat said...

Nic, you rock! Love your barefoot blog posts!

Nic Barker said...

Pat, thank you :-) Much appreciated!