Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Lexus at the Golden Horseshoe and a news roundup

I had an email from Chris giving me Lexus' news over the weekend:

"Lex and I had a very good ride a couple of Sundays ago at the Golden Horseshoe fun ride, we both really enjoyed it, and he went very well.

Having looked at the results we averaged a speed of 8.8 kph which wasn’t the fastest by any shape of the imagination, but in our case we did it for the scenery and the enjoyment.  I did buy one of the official photos which I thought was really good of both of us."

As you can see from Lex's pricked ears, he spotted the camera well before Chris did - what a star  - and no slouch to complete a 15 mile ride on part of the Golden Horseshoe course aged 20 :-)
I grabbed a screen shot but you can see the proper photo here: http://www.saundersphotography.co.uk/photo10103422.html

Meanwhile there is lots of news here but very little time.  I saw Lainey at the weekend and heard that Bailey W is doing brilliantly and there is an interesting new blog about Kingsley here.

Of the horses at Rockley, new horse Lenny is settling in, I've got updated photos of Zan which I want to put up tomorrow, Lucy and Solomon are going home and I haven't even had time to post about Dexter or put up Lenny's footage...Its all go...(!)

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Media Wurzel said...

Oh dear. I blame the pups. I think you need summer help. I'd offer my services if I wasn't being a Beaver or a Wasp or whatever the hell I am now!