Friday, 24 June 2011

How those incredible feet work

I put up new photos of Zan yesterday but because of all the problems I have had with my computer this week (long, boring story, may blog about that on a rainy day if there is nothing more interesting to tell you about...) I've not been able to update his footage till now.

I don't have the hard copy of Zan's lameness assessment yet but when I spoke to his vet before he came down he described him as being 2/10 lame - the problem was bilateral but slightly worse on his RF.

Of course, his hooves are changing so much that even now he only has the top half of his hoof at the right angle and in the right place.  You get an idea of how tricky it is for him if you compare this photo of him on arrival...
with this one of him today.
For practical purposes the massive changes in his hoof capsule mean that the hoof at ground level does not have the correct medio-lateral balance yet and has a long toe as well  - for the moment - which also affects his movement.

You therefore have to remember when you watch this clip that Zan's hooves (as with all rehab horses) are a "work in progress" and that his movement will improve again as the new hoof capsule continues to grow down.

Zan on a circle from Nic Barker on Vimeo.

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