Saturday, 18 June 2011

Lenny and how to get a healthier caudal hoof

Lenny arrived nearly 3 weeks ago and its high time I posted updates on his feet.  I've got footage as well but a computer glitch is holding me up getting that online. unfortunately. 
Lenny arrived in bar shoes and as you can see from the nail holes, his hooves are already growing at a reasonably increased rate.  The two photos above and below show him on the day he arrived.    
The photo below show him today - the toe clip is disappearing and the nail holes have also grown down well.
What is interesting is that bar shoes are usually recommended in these types of cases because of the "support" they are supposed to provide for the heels and caudal hoof.  But because Lenny already had a fairly healthy digital cushion and frog, his hoof-pastern axis is unchanged by shoes.
On the basis of these photos you can also see that his frogs, heels and caudal hoof have actually become stronger since he started rehab without shoes and on supportive surfaces.

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