Thursday, 2 June 2011

Good to be back and the Rockley Pony Club

Lord, I really miss the internet when its off!  This time it was actually the whole broadband link, not just email or the website, so total no internet cold turkey - nightmare!

Quite useful in a way though as I had owners and students down Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so there was hardly time to blog anyway!
On Wednesday I took the opportunity to re-form the Rockley branch of the Pony Club (which has regular if intermittent gatherings) and took the chance to get lots of horses out on exercise together, which is always more fun for them and less work for me ;-)

So Matt rode Flynn, I took Soli and Kate and Deborah borrowed Felix and Dex.   Matt hadn't really been expecting to ride, but although Flynn still has a less than perfect landing on his RF on concrete, he has improved sufficiently for a quiet ride out to be beneficial, as much mentally as physically. 
I firmly believe that horses get satisfaction from doing the jobs they enjoy, and in Flynn's case that's going out with Matt and he was - like Saffy at the weekend - delighted to have his old job back. 
In fact after a while there was no stopping them...  :-)  They went down the hills, they went up the hills, they forded streams and even did gates.  If a horse can puff his chest out and feel smug about a good day's work, thats how Flynn was feeling last night!  


Media Wurzel said...

Ahhh. What a great day. I still can't quite believe I got to ride my horse so soon after taking his shoes off. He's completely different to the horse I loaded in the box to drive down to Exmoor. Long may he improve even further. I hope he is OK and not too pottery today?

Nic Barker said...

He's looking rather smug, Matt, and at least as good on his feet as he was yesterday, which is great :-)