Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Oscar footage and great news from Wiola

Oscar's owner, Tiffany, wasn't able to make the very long journey from Sussex a week or so ago, when Dilly's owner came to see them, and I've been promising her some footage of her boy to try and make up.

For one reason or another, I haven't had anyone to film for me (flounce!) so it hadn't got done, but then I had an idea (as you know, ideas can take me a while...).  I trialled it yesterday and dodged the showers with a slightly unimpressed Oscar (who would have preferred a nap in the barn to going lunging) but it worked - I managed to film single-handed!

This may not sound much, but its tricky to get a camera and tripod set up in a place where (a) you don't lose half the action on one side of the circle or the other; (b) its not going to be knocked over by Barney and Winston or by the lambs and (c) if there is a sudden thunderstorm it won't immediately be washed away.

You can see from the footage that Oscar's unique front limb conformation makes this sort of small circle challenging for him (particularly on the left rein) but he is doing well and I am very pleased with him - I hope Tiffany is as well!

Oscar from Nic Barker on Vimeo.

The second bit of news today is via Wiola's blog - there is no stopping either her or Kingsley, and its well worth checking out her blog for some gorgeous shots of the boy, who looks stunning in his summer sheen and is by the sounds of it getting better and better:

As always, Wiola has been tirelessly finding new opportunities to teach riders and horses and has some exciting news about a range of new courses which she has set up, based in London but open to non-London riders.  There are courses on the biomechanics of riding, symmetry and straightness, equine body work -  a couple of the courses will even cover hoofcare :-)

They will all be offered at a 75% discount, thanks to the Mayors' Legacy funding scheme, so contact Wiola if you are interested and I'll hope to see you there :-)

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Unknown said...

Thank you for the mention! :)

I must come up with some installation ideas at the yard too so I can film Kingsley in action!