Monday, 2 May 2011

Dilly and Oscar

Dilly's owner was down this weekend and we were fixing dates for her and Oscar to go back home.  The time since they arrived has flown by but they have been working hard. 

Dilly's hoof on arrival - shoes had been taken off for MRI
Dilly's feet today, with a good new angle of growth

RF - weak frog and slightly contracted heels on day one
RF today, more robust with the beginnings of good concavity and in better balance
Oscar day one - well shod but with a twist in his front legs and visible in his hinds...
...which is very clear from behind
Oscar today - straighter legs and a better stance in front and behind
His improved stance has also meant he now has a better topline and is no longer hollow: day one..
...and today
And here are his feet - from day one in shoes...
...and out of shoes
and today, with a much improved frog and heels. 
Well done Oscar and Dilly - you're nearly halfway through your rehab and over the next 3-4 months back at home you should go from strength to strength :-)

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