Saturday, 21 May 2011

Onwards and upwards!

Lynn put these lovely photos up from a show that she, Lauren and Lady went to yesterday. 
Hard to imagine that a year ago Lady was a rehab horse!
Its not been plain sailing but Lynn, Lauren and Dave have worked incredibly hard to bring Lady back to her full potential and that hard work has really paid off.  
Lady is the most fantastic pony, and she and the family should have many happy years ahead of them.

Another rehab horse with an anniversary today is Storm, who also came to Rockley a year ago.
Here he is today and his owner has put a lovely post up on the UKNHCP forum:

I know when horses go home its an incredibly steep learning curve for owners, and as is always the case with horses, there are disappointments and struggles as well as successes, but Lady and Storm were both write-offs a year ago, and what a difference that year has made, thanks to the dedication, devotion and hard work of their owners.

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