Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Solomon's progress...

Solomon has now been here 3 months, and he has done incredibly well.  From a horse who was assessed by his vet as 5/10 lame on a circle to a horse who could trot fairly competently on the lunge just before Christmas - and he is now even better on a circle.

His worst foot was his left front - pictured below - and as well as a weak frog he had a split central sulcus, as you can see. 


Now, as well as a healthier frog, with a healed central sulcus, he has a shorter toe and stronger heel.  Good work, Solomon!  I will hope to get some more video footage of him to complete the picture soon!

From this...

to this... :-)


Lucie said...

I cant believe the difference in just 3 months :-O
And look at that furry foot!! :P

Nic Barker said...

Feathers "R" Us :-)