Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Isha on a circle

Double post today - too much to put up, too little time!!

Following Isha's holey foot photos from last week, I thought I had better try and get some footage of her in action on a circle but rain keeps stopping play - till I managed to grab some between the showers yesterday.

Although, since the start of Project Dexter, I've always filmed horses in a straight line when they arrive here, I haven't usually filmed them on the lunge initially.  However, Bailey, Solomon and Kingsley have all made it clear that I need to start doing this as well, because its a very valuable record to have.

From now on, I will take lunge footage of new horses, but for Isha, as for the boys, I didn't do this, unfortunately.  Lesson learned...

Untitled from Nic Barker on Vimeo.

Isha had been on a long period of box-rest before she came here and she is still weak behind which makes her inclined to rush.  She is also worse on the right rein as it puts more pressure on the damaged hoof.  I wouldn't work her for long like this, but to lunge her for a few minutes periodically does no harm and as an assessment tool its very useful.

I think she has made good progress since her arrival - I am hoping that Fayley will be pleased with her when she comes to see her this weekend...

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