Sunday, 9 January 2011

Playground dynamics

Its always interesting to watch the horses interact when they are out on the tracks.  It usually takes between 2-3 days to a week to introduce a new horse and with every new addition the herd dynamic shifts, as new alliances are formed and old ones are abandoned or reinforced. 

Things are more complicated if 2 new horses - who are already a pair - arrive at the same time.  Occasionally, horses come here not for rehab but for just a short break, for instance while their owners are away on holiday and this is exactly why our 2 latest guests are here - Harry and Jack.  
Jack is a miniature version of Andy's Jack - I would guess he is 10hh rather than 16.3hh - so of course I call him Little Jack :-)  I think he must have been standing on the bank when I took this, because he is considerably smaller than Solomon as well! 
Little Jack and Harry were utterly obsessed with each other when they arrived.  Meanwhile Angel and Isha had been an item for a while but they were fascinated with the new arrivals and all of a sudden things changed...
Harry is now obsessed with Isha - and vice versa.
...and Angel has adopted Little Jack as his new pet...
Ginger has seen it all before and just gets on with the important things in life
The horses may be fickle in their friendships but they are never boring!

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