Tuesday, 25 January 2011

New girl, Patsy

No sooner has Solomon packed his satchel and headed for home than we have a new arrival - actually she arrived on Sunday and, having viewed all the rushing around on Monday morning with equanimity, seems to have settled in extremely well.

Patsy is a very pretty mare who has come all the way from Sunderland.  Her feet at the moment are weak, as you would expect, with under-run heels and poor digital cushions and on her footage she is landing toe first on all four feet.
Interestingly she did manage a better landing with one step of her RF - but that's the foot she is lamest on when she is on a circle!

Patsy from Nic Barker on Vimeo.

She arrived already out of shoes, although until recently she was shod in wedged shoes and then for a short time in graduated bar shoes. There is plenty to work on and Patsy seems to have a lovely attitude, so please send lots of good wishes her way and I will hope to have some good updates on her before too long :-)

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Unknown said...

Hey Nic, welcome to the new arrival and also - I've just received some Mail Delivery Failure from your email after sending a could of replies?