Monday, 16 August 2010

Bailey W - new footage

I've uploaded new footage of Bailey W, following the photos last week, which is very interesting. When he arrived he had a classic toe-first landing in front but also had a compromised right hind - if you watch the footage you can see the RH sliding rather than landing.

Bailey is a quick learner (!) and started to land heel first in front after a couple of weeks. At this point he had a shortened stride on concrete because his sole was flat and he his hooves were very under-run. Despite a better landing in front, he was still struggling with his right hind.

The last clip was taken yesterday, 5 weeks after his arrival, and although he is not yet capable of working on tough surfaces his stride length on concrete has improved. Importantly, his movement behind is also more correct and he can now land, rather than slide, on his right hind.


Val said...

That was a neat comparison video.
Was the run-under heel on the RH making him slide?

Nic Barker said...

Hi Val,

I don't think the under-run was the primary problem, simply because his LF was worse and yet that started landing properly much earlier. RH has historically been had muscle weakness and an old hock problem - what's chicken and what's egg is up for guessing...(!)