Monday, 23 August 2010

Stupendous frogs - or - a Lexus update

I went to see Lexus on Friday and his hooves were looking so fantastic that photos were obligatory! He was here for rehab for 3 months and has spent the last 2 months working 4 times a week, hacking out on lanes, fields and bridleways.

These photos show the improvement over exactly 5 months - his shoes came off on 19th March and these were taken on 20th August!

Its particularly impressive when you realise that Lexus is 19 yrs old and had been shod for most of his life.
RF showing stupendous improvement in frog and caudal hoof - August
The same hoof the day his shoes came off - March
LF in August
LF in March
Lateral shot - March
Lateral shot - August

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