Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Less Stormy

Storm went home on Sunday, and has already settled straight in and been out hacking round the lanes - I have the photo to prove it :-)

I am hoping that Storm's departure will be a good omen and that our appalling weather will start to improve this week - we've had torrential rain and gales recently, with inches and inches of rain and the winter overflow streams back in spate, but I am sure I saw a high pressure weather system on a recent Met Office map, so fingers crossed(!)

Meanwhile, here are Storm's hooves - he had been barefoot for quite some time before he came to us, but although his hooves were healthy in many respects he had a weak caudal hoof and moved with a pronounced toe first landing - he had been diagnosed with a severe DDFT lesion on MRI.

His video footage, which I need to update, but which gives an idea of his progress, is here:

On arrival

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