Friday, 20 August 2010

All about white hooves

I had a fun conversation a few days ago when we had been out hunting. There were visitors out from another part of the country and they had been following on foot all morning.

They had their own horses at home and were intrigued to see horses out without shoes and came up to ask me about it as we loaded up at the end of the day. They noticed not only that our horses had gone all day without shoes and remained sound(!!!!!!!), but that between them the horses (Charlie and Felix) had 7 white feet.
As they peered into the trailer and inspected these rock-crunching hooves - and were told by Felix's rider that he had done over 700 miles last season - they made the immortal comment: "So, are the stories about white hooves being weaker an old wives's tale...?"...
For the record, yes ;-) Charlie and Bailey each have 4 white feet, Felix and Angel (and Ghost) each have 3 white feet...

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