Sunday, 11 April 2010

No blog yesterday...

...because I had to go to Birmingham to interview applicants for the 2010 UKNHCP training programme, with 3 of the other instructors.

We've changed the way we interview potential new students from previous years, because at our last AGM we all agreed that it was important to meet them face to face, rather than just doing phone interviews. Unfortunately, this means that both we and the candidates have to travel quite a way, but it provides a valuable chance for us to get some UKNHCP business done, and its also a great test of whether candidates have enough commitment to last the course.

The only problem yesterday was that (as often seems to happen to me) the rare day that I have to be inside at meetings all day turned out to be absolutely glorious... Mind you, the interviews were originally scheduled for January and we had to postpone because most of us were snowed in, so perhaps I should just be thankful for small mercies!

As a quid pro quo, today is lovely as well, and Bobby's owners are coming to see him, so I am hoping to be able to post some new footage of him tomorrow.

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