Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Get out of the way!

Frankie's owner and I were discussing his hooves (of course!) at the weekend, and she was telling me that the improvements to his hooves are precisely the improvements that his vet and farrier had been trying to make for the 18 months or so that he was lame before he came here.

All of us wanted him to have a more supportive hoof capsule, without underrun heels and with a strong, functioning frog.

Funnily enough, thats exactly what Frankie wanted as well...and he is now growing exactly that sort of hoof.

We need to radically change our way of thinking about hooves - we don't need to apply external "supports" or special trims for them to become healthier, we just need to get out of the horse's way.

If we remove the obstacles - like poor nutrition and lack of stimulus - which have caused hooves to deteriorate, we miraculously enable the horse to grow the healthy hooves he has been trying to grow all along...

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