Monday, 12 April 2010

Great day!

...on Sunday with Bobby and his owners. The sun shone, and we took Bobby, Ghost and Felix out for a stroll round the farm. It was the first time Bobby had been ridden since December - although I've exercised him in hand and ride and lead, he hasn't had a saddle on for a long time!

He was an absolute gentleman, and he was very satisfied to have his old job back :-) He really marched out across the fields, and in fact it was a job to stop him trotting. His owners felt he was more forward-going, and had a better stride, as well as being much more sure footed, even on our steep hills. We had a very happy day, but stupidly I didn't take the camera with me - DOH!

After our ride, we took some comparative footage of him in the barn, which I will upload over the next few days.

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