Sunday, 25 April 2010

All go...

A busy few days down here, first with the St George's Day meet, which I posted about on Friday, then Frankie's owner came to visit him yesterday and we had a new rehab horse arriving as well.

Frankie was on top form and ready to show off his new improved hooves - he was only too ready to go cantering off and would have liked a much longer ride than the hour or so we had time for. He has a lovely length of stride now, and even though he still has relatively poor digital cushions, he is more than happy to trot on the road, especially on a perfect Spring day in the sunshine!

The new horse is a pretty little mare, who arrived in season and is enjoying having Frankie, Ghost and Felix make a fuss of her(!)...She was referred here by her vet, Jeremy Hyde of Eqwest, who was one of the original driving forces behind Project Dexter, so its great to have another of his horses up here again. She has been MRI-ed, and there will be lots more on her as she progresses.

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