Monday, 16 November 2009

Your Horse Live

I've spent the last few days at Your Horse Live, with others from the UKNHCP army, and we had a tiring but productive weekend at Stoneleigh answering as many questions as could about barefoot performance, hooves and training.

We had video footage of rock-crunching hooves running all day, and as well as having lots of action photos of performance barefoot horses, had before-and-after rehab photos and dead legs for people to look at :-)

Mark Johnson's son, Harry, was "Feet First" salesman extraordinaire, and our roving barefoot ambassador, plus along with Mark, Sarah and I, had the dull job of packing everything away again at the end of the show, resulting in a late night after a couple of long days! Thank you Harry :-)

Chris Thompson and Caroline Trayes worked tirelessly to respond to visitors' questions, and we couldn't have done it either without the help of Jane Tweedie, who put us up for 2 nights in her amazing house, so thanks again to all of you.

One of the most interesting moments of the weekend was when I briefly met Monty Roberts, who asked for a copy of our book back in the summer, and I discovered that it was recommended to him by an American farrier - small world :-)

While away, I managed to avoid the storms that were battering the west of the country, but of course after leaving the Midlands, which were dry and bright on Sunday, I met rain and gales halfway up the link road, and knew I was back on Exmoor again(!).

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Jane said...

My pleasure, sorry my sickly pony stopped me from helping as well! It was great to catch up with you all though.