Wednesday 18 November 2009

Tale of woe!

We've had wild weather here for days and days, combined with the fact that I was away at the weekend so no hunting for the boys. Their routine hasn't changed, though, and they frequently enjoy a hooley round the field with no ill effects, as they are all great mates, so I have no idea what happened yesterday.

I turned out Felix, Jacko, Charlie and Hector, no big deal, and it was a nice bright morning, and actually a lot calmer and less windy than it had been. I came back a short time later to find skid marks all over the field and around the track, and Felix very sorry for himself with a sprain which he had obviously done just a few minutes earlier. Everyone else was fine, and I would before yesterday have put money on Felix, of all the horses I know, being the least likely to slip or trip in the field, but I suppose even the best can have off days.

He is iced and ant-inflammatoried, and will be confined to quarters for a few days at least - I am just hoping it will settle down as quickly as it came up (!)

Updated to add that he is much better tonight, heat is much reduced and he is weight-bearing on it - fingers crossed ;-)

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