Friday, 6 November 2009

Thank goodness for the track!

What a shocking week its been, weather-wise. Started last Sunday - literally as November dawned the temperature dropped from about 15 to about 6, the gales started and along with that came torrential rain and hail.

The horses have had access to the barn and the track but have not been on the fields at all, till yesterday, when I chucked Jacko, Ghost, Felix and Charlie out as we had sunny spells for the first time all week.

Interestingly, and very sensibly, they have spent very little time on the track - going for a stomp round to stretch their legs and hightailing it back to the barn as the showers come in - which are sharp, and actually quite unpleasant when they also contain hailstones...

Thank goodness for the track, and barn, as they would otherwise either be turned out regardless on wet fields or shut in - as it is they can choose whether they want to be in and out, and can at least mooch round on well-drained, if not dry, ground outside.

A much nicer day today - wind has dropped and its dry, for now...Not a good forecast for the weekend, but we are due a bit of a respite, I think :-)

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