Monday, 23 November 2009

Lovely review!

I was sending someone the link for "Feet first" and saw there are some new reviews of it on Amazon. The latest review had only one star, so I was sure I was going to find someone who was less than impressed by it, but the comments were lovely. The writer talked about rehab for their own horse, and said:

"Before we take her shoes off we are going to lend the book to our farrier, sure that he will not find his life's work criticised...It is an encouraging and pleasant book to read. Essential for anyone considering life without iron shoes."

This is just what we were hoping to achieve in writing the book - thrilled to think we have made a difference :-)

Slightly worried to find that someone else has said:

"I eagerly await the arrival of "More Feet First""

:-0 !!!!!!!

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