Thursday, 13 August 2009

Project Dexter - more horses needed!

While I was up with Sarah last month I had the chance to meet up with Prof Peter Clegg at Leahurst who is kindly overseeing "Project Dexter", our research into rehabilitation of horses with navicular and deep digital flexor tendonitis.

We've been successfully rehabbing these types of horses for years, but only recently have set up the project, as a way or trying to provide more than anecdotal evidence of what can be achieved.

Prof. Clegg was very encouraging, but we definitely need a few more horses through the rehab programme before we can publish authoritative results.

There is more about the project, and our preliminary results, at

If you know of any horses who have been diagnosed with these types of conditions, and whose owners might be interested in sending them here for rehab, please get in touch with me via the website :-)

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