Friday, 14 August 2009

Good news about Angel and Blue!

Two pieces of good news, the first about Blue, who went home a month ago. I hadn't heard from his owner, who of course knew I was away on Ride Bare, but I was just beginning to worry about the pair of them (despite telling myself that no news was good news!).

Then I got a message yesterday, saying that Blue is on great form - "fabulous", to quote his owner, and she is delighted with his progress! I am so pleased that he is continuing to do so well, and that message made my day :-)

Second piece of good news is that the vet was here today, and I trotted up Angel for her, not having told her anything about his history. She was here because he had a minor injury to a hind leg (the good news is he's been cleared to come back into work again) but the best bit for me was that he was sound in front trotting on concrete and on tight turns - result!

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