Sunday, 9 August 2009

Look who I found!

Some of you will remember Conto, who came to us originally several years ago as a rehab horse. He did brilliantly, and hunted up here for 2 seasons but he was such a lovely horse, bombproof with fantastic manners and well-schooled, that when we had too many horses here I decided to try and find him a good home, knowing he would be an easy horse to "re-locate".

Sally Hall had seen him out hunting, and had someone in mind who was looking for a perfect gentleman of a horse, so down he went to Urchinwood last winter, and when we stayed there as part of Ride Bare I met up with him again :-)

He is looking well - obviously relishing the much better climate they have (!) and is a great favourite with everyone, not least his new owner. He is still barefoot and does a mixture of schooling, hacking and jumping, which he seems to thrive on. He is not quite as rock-crunching as he was when he lived here, partly because the grass down at Urchinwood is unbelievably good, but nevertheless both he and his new owner seem very happy!

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